The lower eyelids are especially characterized by the so called imperfection known as bags. The bags are caused by fatty hernias which are generally three: one medial, one  middle and one on the side. The bags are formed by fatty hernias which, through this surgery with separation of the eyelid almost up to the cheekbone arch, are removed and cauterized in order to achieve a flattening of the lower area of the eye. There is also a slight skin excess whose removal must be millimetric to avoid the exophthalmus and therefore the eyeball exposed. The suture is intradermal and occurs on the border of the lower eyelash.

The lower blepharoplasty operation

The operation is done under local anesthesia with sedation in day surgery and the patient is discharged in the evening. After 7 days the suture stitches are removed.
There will be moderate swelling in the treated area during the post-op and in some cases a few edemas which will be go away within a week. This will all heal with cold compresses and rest. No post-op pain. During the visit at the Milan headquarters of Dr. Villa, some blood tests and an electrocardiogram will be prescribed.
For further information on procedures and costs of a lower blepharoplasty operation please contact Dr. Villa.

For more information on the procedure and cost of lower blepharoplasty in Milan please contact Dr. Villa.

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