Mastoplastica riduttiva MilanoReduction mammaplasty Milan Reduction mammoplasty is an operation to reduce extremely big breasts. It consists in simultaneously lifting and reducing their volume.  Scars can be the same as mastopexy (see the explanation for mastopexy) also with a reduction of the breast parenchyma. In addition to skin, the gland and fat must be removed, therefore intervening on the internal structures of the breast. When visiting the private hospital Villa Letizia in Milan for a reduction mammoplasty, you must clarify both the size you wish to achieve and the shape.

Duration of the operation

The operation is done under general anesthesia and lasts about 2-3 hours.

Reduction mammoplasty Milan: pre and post-op

The post-op phase in reduction mammoplasty is delicate, not so much for the pain which is almost non-existent, but for the scars which should not be subject to any tears or trauma for the perfect outcome. The day the patient is discharged, she will receive a special bra which should be worn for about a month. After about 10 days stitches are removed. Scars, in the beginning will be quite visible but will tend to disappear over the following months until they are almost invisible after a year.


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