The augmentation mammography with subglandular method is a breast operation which allows for wonderful results with the minimum post-op pain. The choice of subglandular insertion depends on unavoidable factors which for example are, skin thickness, chest width, the initial shape of the breast and many other factors which must be carefully evaluated. The subglandular method is hardly used in young and extremely skinny patients where the dual plane method is chosen so that the border of the prosthesis is not seen after the operation. The subglandular method also allows for a softer and more natural breast with a natural fall of the prosthesis as the years go by.

On the contrary, in terms of the submuscular insertion, the same muscle holds the prosthesis upwards with consequent fall of the skin over time which brings the nipple to look downwards. By not cutting the muscle, the post-op stage is not very painful, with only a slight chest ache. The choice of the introduction channel depends on the patient: the prosthesis can be inserted either via the aerola or via the inframammary fold. Generally speaking, the inframammary insertion is used in case of nipples with extremely small areolas. In the opposite case, the aerola insertion is chosen to reduce extremely big nipples.

The augmentation mammoplasty operation with subglandular method is done in hospital with overnight stay and under general anesthesia. The prostheses which Dr. Angelo Emilio Villa uses only the latest generation prostheses.

For more information on the procedure and cost of augmentation mammoplasty in Milan please contact Dr. Villa.
The photo gallery of the operation before and after.

Augmentation mammoplastyAugmentation mammoplastyAugmentation mammoplasty

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