Mastoplastica additiva MilanoAugmentation mammoplasty Milan In augmentation mammoplasty with the Dual Plane method, the prosthesis is placed inside the breast in a double plane.
The cut will be made, upon request by the patient, at the breast fold, therefore on the side. The prothesis will therefore be placed in a pocket which, in the lower section of the breast, from the nipple down, will be in the subglandular area between the costal plane and the gland, while the upper section will be placed under the pectoral muscle.
This augmentation mammoplasty method is more sophisticated than traditional methods and aims to achieve a beautiful and satisfactory aesthetic result, without risking that the prothesis can be seen.
Augmentation mammoplasty with Dual Plane methodis is not used in all cases since sometimes it is sufficient to use the augmentation mammoplasty with subglandular method, especially when the breasts are fatty, glandular or where there is plenty of tissue. When breasts are extremely flat, the submuscular method is adopted since the use of the entire pectoral muscle guarantees better results. Dr. Villa at his surgery room in Milan will be able to evaluate the type of augmentation mammoplasty more suited to your needs during the first visit.

The augmentation mammoplasty operation

The augmentation mammoplasty lasts about one hour and is done under general anesthesia with an overnight stay.
If clinical conditions allow for it, the patient will be discharged the morning after.
During the first week after the operation it is advisable to avoid lifting weights or to drive. The stitches will be removed after about fifteen days.

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