Mastopessi MilanoMastopexy Milan We speak of mastopexy when we find the syndrome of the falling breast, which can be more or less big or more or less empty. This can happen when a breast is too big or heavy due to major weight loss or after a long period of breastfeeding. It is not always necessary to intervene with visible scars. In some cases even just the insertion of a prothesis augmentation mammoplasty) can solve the problem of the empty breast.

Mastopexy Milan: the surgery method

In order to lift the breast it is important, in the majority of cases, to insert the prothesis, also remodeling the skin and rebuilding a new leather bra which gives the breast the possibility to lift again after repositioning the nipple. The scars of the mastopexy can be periareolar (round block method) or periareolar and vertical. This way, the breast can be rebuilt and the nipple can be repositioned at the desired height. In some cases it is not necessary to insert the prothesis since the gland itself and the abundance of fat tissue allow to lift and reduce the breast. In this case, the operation is known as “mastopexy with autoprothesis.” The thorough visit made by Dr. Villa at his private hospital in Milan is crucial in this case to understand whether it is sufficient to insert the prothesis with a slight lifting of the nipple or if the reversed T surgery method is required. When the visit for mastopexy is made at the Milan headquarters, a series of blood tests will also be prescribed together with an ultrasound scan and an electrocardiogram.

Duration of the the mastopexy operation

The operation will be done under general anesthesia and will last about 2 hours.

Pre and post-op procedure

The post-op pain in mastopexy is subjective and related to the type of prothesis insertion.

For further information on procedures and costs of a mastopexy operation please contact Dr. Villa.

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