Liposuzione MilanoLiposuction and liposculpture is an operation which remodels the body’s skin imperfections when  too much fat deforms the body’s harmony. It can be done in many areas. The most traditional are hips, abdomen, outer thighs, inner thighs, knees, double chin, submental area and arms. We speak of remodeling and liposculpture precisely because it is possible to give harmony to the body with this operation without deforming it or without  any general weight loss which is not targeted to the area in question.

Liposuction Milan: the surgery method

The liposuction operation uses special cannulas to aspirate the excess fat. The size of the latter depends on the area to be treated and on the amount of fat to be aspirated. For small areas like for example saddle bags, internal thigh or small abdomen, micro cannulas are used, certainly less invasive than the traditional ones and the operation can sometimes also be done with a light sedation.

During the liposuction operation

Depending on the size of the area to be treated and type of anesthesia, liposuction operations can last up to two hours.

Pre and post-op procedure

During post-op after liposuction, special girdles to contain swelling are worn. Alas, patients who undergo this type of operation must be informed that immediately after post-op there will be ecchymosis and edemas which will disappear within fifteen days. We advise you not to sit in bed but to walk in order to restore circulation. After a week, lymphatic drainage massages are useful. During the first few days, there will be a lot of water retention in the skin and this will later disappear with the complete healing of edemas. The final result will be visible after about 1 month. The use of arnica in granules and creams will exponentially help the post-op course.

The operation

Liposuction operations take place in Milan at the private hospital Villa Letizia and can be done in day hospital with piloted local anesthesia or general anesthesia, depending on the areas to be treated. If they are many, general anesthesia is best. If they are local areas, local anesthesia can be done in day hospital and patients can be discharged during the day.

For further information on procedures and costs of a liposuction operation please contact Dr. Villa.


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