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Maria Magdalena Andrade Alvarez writes: good morning, I did a facial lifting and a blepharoplasty with this marvelous Dr. Villa Angelo. Exceptional work done with care and expertise without distorting the features of my face. He managed to rejuvenate me by 10 years. Perfect stay at his private hospital Villa Letizia. Staff always available at any time of the day. Heartfelt thanks to Magdalena.

Cosmetic Guide

Review by Elisa G.

Good morning …I did a augmentation mammoplasty… and frankly I was very happy… l would do it again…

Cosmetic Guide

Review by FEDERICA

Good morning, I did an augmentation mammoplasty on 22 May and already 3 days later I was in shape. A beautiful fourth size finally… Thanks a lot Dr. Villa…

Review by Cristina Schiavon
Vote: 5/5

Replacement of breast prothesis. I thank the medical team of the private hospital Villa Letizia for the great efficiency and expertise. Special thanks to Dr. Angelo Emilio Villa, fantastic person, committed specialist, prepared with a strong sense of aesthetics. A perfect outcome and totally harmonic

Excellent augmentation structure-mammoplasty

Opinion by Jessica 02 December 2012

Last year I spent 4 days in the private hospital Villa Letizia for an augmentation mammoplasty and since I was only 21 I was a bit scared, but the Surgeon who operated me and the entire staff made me feel immediately at ease, they were close to me at every given moment before and after the operation and what’s more, I was always checked by extremely prepared and kind nurses, always ready to meet my every need, even at nighttime…Believe me, the operation went fast and when I woke up I already felt good, I didn’t have any pain nor bruises. Simply nothing.. I felt some pain, but it was bearable, I felt quite well, I felt a bit of discomfort with the tight band which I only kept the first night.. and Stop.… I couldn’t believe it, it felt unreal… But it was real…. Done!!!! Now enough with super push up bras uncomfortable big and horrible!!! Now, after little less than a year I have beautiful breasts, soft, firm, warm and the scars are invisible My surgeon “Dr. Angelo Emilio Villa” was extremely delicate, he has crafty hands, I wouldn’t change him with anyone!!!