Dott. Angelo Villa Medico Chirurgo, Specialista in chirurgia Estetica MilanoDr. Angelo Villa Licensed Surgeon, Specialist in Plastic Surgery Milan Dr. Angelo Emilio Villa is a licensed surgeon, Specialist in plastic surgery with thirty years of experience in all the main cosmetic operations, skilled in all types of lifts amongst which Cervical Lifting, Temporo Auricular and Coronary Lifting, with methods acquired and fine-tuned around the world.

Owner in Milan of the Private Hospital Villa Letizia, one of the most prestigious hospitals of Plastic Surgery in northern Italy, Dr. Angelo Villa is one of the most popular Plastic Surgeons thanks to the many perfect surgeries he has done on world renowned patients.

He received a degree and specialization at the University of Milan and has gained ten years of experience at Ospedale Maggiore. To fine-tune his bent for plastic surgery he spent over ten years abroad, attending schools and stages with the collaboration of world famous plastic surgeons like the Californian Professor Fernando Ortiz Monasterio of Stanford University.

Back in Milan he exclusively devoted himself to plastic surgery, operating at the most renowned Italian private hospitals, until he founded the current Private Hospital Villa Letizia, where, in addition to him, only surgeons with renowned experience operate.

Thanks to his specialization in facial and breast surgery, often he is called upon by his colleagues in the operating room to refine LIFTING surgery methods, his current and renowned specialization.
Currently, he visits and operates at his private hospital where patients will have excellent assistance, nursing staff on call 24 hours a day, and a staff of anesthesiologists and colleagues who are highly specialized in the sector.